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“I support Ahimsa”

By choosing Ahimsa Ghee as a part of your diet, not only are you making a bold statement that you wholeheartedly want to stop cruelty to cows, but also you are supporting those who are working very hard to give love, care and protection to cows against all odds.

Do you know that commercial dairies inject Cows with several unnatural hormones to obtain maximum benefits? Do you now what becomes of the cows in these dairies when they grow old? Do You Support Cow Slaughter?? 

No? Well then, that is just one of the many reasons why you should move on to Ahimsa Ghee from the commercial dairy ghee, today!

The Ahimsa Ghee comes free of any additives or additional hormones, which is a common element in the ordinary commercial Ghee.  The Cows are raised in the most natural environment, feast on the freshest most organic vegetation that grow naturally in the serene hills of rural Haryana, and are absolutely away from any cruel machinery.  And even after they grow old and stop milking, the Ahimsa Ghee team makes sure that they live a proper retired life, under the same or better care, and die a natural death after a full life, before receiving proper cremation like a departed family member.

So Your Ahimsa Ghee, is Hormone Free, Chemical Free, and yes, Karma Free too!!


Here is what dietry experts have to say…

Ghee, or pure butterfat, rebecca smalllooks like liquid gold and is the most soothing and delicious ingredient imaginable. I lavish ghee in sautéed and baked goods as it enriches the flavors of both sweet and savory foods. It is amazing how quality foods that are especially delicious are also superior medicinal foods. This premier Indian Ayurvedic ingredient contains butyric acid, a fatty acid with antiviral and anti-cancer properties. Ghee aids digestion and nutrient assimilation.In Ayurvedic literature ghee is acclaimed for supporting self-awareness and intelligence and promoting a clear complexion and voice. Additionally, people allergic to milk protein can generally consume ghee.”

– Rebecca Wood (Whole Foods pioneer and Julia Child Cookbook Award-winning author)


kulreet chaudhary smallGhee, which is clarified butter, actually has positive health benefits. Ghee has been successfully used for medicinal purposes in ayurveda, the traditional medical system of India, for millennia.Ghee can be prescribed as cooking oil as part of an ayurvedic diet, in skin creams for rashes or just as an anti-aging regimen, and as part of an herbal mixture to remedy a multitude of conditions from digestive disorders to neurological conditions. Just switching your stick of butter for a jar of ghee could make you healthier while you continue to enjoy that buttery taste.”

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary (Neurologist and Maharishi Ayurveda Expert)




But wait, there is more!

Traditional Ghee

The correct process for obtaining Ghee begins by converting raw whole milk along with cream into yogurt. The enzyme-rich yogurt is churned to become fresh butter. This butter is then slowly heated to become liquid. In this gradual process the proper development of healthy bacteria is facilitated developing the medicinal value of the Ghee. Ayurveda offers extensive details on the benefits of Ghee.

1. Fats are an absolute necessity for a healthy diet and traditional Ghee is the best form of fat, for human consumption.
2. Ghee aids digestion and promotes optimum metabolism along with nutrient assimilation.
3. It supports self-awareness and fine intelligence and promotes a clear complexion and voice.
4. It nourishes the eyes, hair and skin. It lubricates and cleanses internal organs including the intestines, tissues, joints and arteries.
5. Studies have shown that Ghee, when made with traditional methods, and free of chemicals, has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-cancer properties.
Additionally, individuals allergic to milk protein can generally consume traditional Ghee.

On  a spiritual level, it is a common experience, to have a sense of elevated consciousness due to the the addition of Ayurvedic Ghee in one’s daily diet.


Ghee – Some Common Modern Misunderstandings:

Ghee prepared today in factories or at home from butter is undigestive. The traditional Ayurvedic recipe for making Ghee, enhances digestion and total body health.Ghee is prepared from the churning of yogurt. Butter is churned from cream. The key step which gives Ghee it’s distinctive medicinal properties is the cultivation of healthy bacteria which digests the milk. The Ghee made with cultured cream, therefore incomplete.


HIMSA – Violence to Cows:
Factory modeled dairy farms have become a wide scale medical and environmental concern for the world today. Instead of treating cows with the love and care they deserve the commercial industry treats them as mere commodities or more commonly no more than livestock. Cows are subjected to injections of growth hormones and painful milk extraction through mechanical processes. Even the young calves, are imprisoned, mechanically slaughtered and sold as delicacies. Cows after the lactating age (when they stop giving milk) meet with the same cruelty.

A ray of hope however, is there, in the increasing number people becoming aware of the inhumane treatment of cows. Veganism is gaining popularity and respect everywhere, and many restaurants and food chains have begun to facilitate Vegan diets due to the demand.

Karma Free – Ahimsa Ghee:
It has now become very important that we not only check the processing, but also the source of our foods. When we buy commercial or factory made Ghee, we end up supporting violence on countless cows and calves.

Ahimsa Ghee is obtained from the milk of cows protected for life. These cows are honored as sacred mothers and not just as profit making assets. Their calves live with them and grow old with them. They live out their lives near the sacred land of Vrindavan India, eating the grasses enriched with vitamins and minerals from the well fertilized earth.
Let’s Change Our World:
A few people doing small things together can make a big difference in the world. Please join with the many who are now becoming conscious to change the current situation for cows around the world. By playing your part, we can make a powerful impact. Most importantly, you will be giving healthy foods to your families and promoting a culture of non-violence.