Team Ahimsa is determined to the welfare of the environment, Cows, and the absolute satisfaction of our patrons. All the products on this website are guaranteed to have been handpicked and chosen with the Ahimsa Philosophy in mind and we have tried to put our best efforts in the researching and sourcing of the same.

All our food products have been obtained from sources known to be farming traditionally, and without any use of synthetic chemical enhancers, ensuring the maximum retention of the goodness of mother earth. We have tried our level best to reduce the wastage in packaging and transportation, and we assure you of a guilt-free delight.

Cows are our basic object of adoration and no cows have been harmed to obtain any of the dairy products featured here. The dairy products have been sourced from noble individuals and non-profit, charitable, or religious organizations, who are motivated by kindness to manufacture these and when you buy any of the Ahimsa Dairy products, rest assured to have done your bit to serve Mother Cow.

Other than these the lifestyle articles are being sourced from the artisans, and craftspeople in the remotest villages of India, as we strongly believe that in the simple rural settings of this beautiful country lives her ancient soul. You can help us preserve this culture of simplicity and refined lifestyle by buying these products and using them instead of the commercially made items in the market of today.

We hope you enjoy using the Ahimsa Products as much as we have enjoyed our journey of half way across the globe.

Keep Shopping, guilt free!!